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Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
Volume 63, 2021, 102455

Therapeutic enzymes: Discoveries, production and applications

Siddhi Tandon1, Anjali Sharma1, Shikha Singh, Sumit Sharma, Saurabh Jyoti Sarma

Department of Biotechnology, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Bennett University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Enzymes today play a predominant role in the pharmaceutical industries due to their ability to efficiently and selectively catalyze biochemical reactions in living systems. Since the enzymes have such a considerable impact on human health, the enzyme-based drugs are progressively becoming a research focus, in recent times. Most of these therapeutic enzymes are produced industrially by employing the various types of fermentation techniques, using a suitable expression system which includes a microbial strain (bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc), plant or animal cell culture, and genetically engineered organisms. The advancements in the fields of recombinant DNA technology, protein engineering, material science, enzyme immobilization, and nanotechnology has provided an astounding platform for the development of enzymatic drugs that have varied applications in the treatment of a range of diseases. These enzymes may be broadly classified into four categories which are: enzymes involved in fibrinolysis, cancer treatment, enzyme replacement therapies, and treatment of other rare and common diseases. Several approaches like rational designing, PEGylation, and glycoengineering have made it possible to increase the half-life, stability, and solubility of these enzymes, making them suitable for administration. The discoveries and furtherance with which the therapeutic enzymes are being produced, possessing enhanced stability and biocatalytic activity, have led to new opportunities and prompted new open doors in the field of medication for both therapeutic and analytical purposes. In this review, we have highlighted the function, application, production and purification techniques, enzyme formulations, and stability and activity advancements of different therapeutic enzymes with special emphasis on l-asparaginase, streptokinase, collagenase, and uricase. It is an attempt to evaluate the current discoveries and advancements in therapeutic enzymes to provide a scope of improvement for the existing enzymes and help overcome the challenges to further develop new ones.

Keywords: Therapeutic enzyme, l-asparaginase, Uricase, Collagenase, Streptokinase, Immobilization.

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